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Transportation & Storage Solutions

We manufacture both single and double skin
inflatables from PVC and polyurethane.


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We have built many types and sizes of tension structures. Our largest being the main stand at Glamorgan Cricket Club.

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A 420 temporary tension structure was manufactured for Goodwood Race Course using Ferrari 502 in champagne for the main contractor Chichester Canvas.


Other structures we have produced include:

  • Sandown Race Course

  • Shopping Centre in Dublin

  • Hotels in Dublin, the U.K and the Middle East

  • New section of suspended ceiling inside the Great Hall at Alexandra Palace in glass

  • Temporary roof over the Custard Factory, Birmingham in polyethylene

We also make special walkways and entrance "parades" for hotels, supermarkets and shopping centres.

Most of the tension structure we produce are either as joint projects or for a main contractor.

We manufacture both single and double skin inflatables from PVC and polyurethane.

The single skin inflatables we have made for LM Productions to their stratosphere design range in size from 6 metres to 25 metres. They are manufactured from a semi translucent PVC which has excellent back and front light projection properties making them extremelly versatile structures for product promotions and corporate functions.

Banks Specialist Covers

We produce large inflatable balls and other simple shapes for marketing and television advertisements.

Double skin structures are mainly under 15 metres and are either sewn with a continuous air supply or fully welded where high pressures are required.

Banks Specialist Covers

We have been involved in transporting and storing large volumes of fresh water since 1994.

We currently manufacture three sizes of waterbags - 200, 700 and 2000 cubic metres. They are made from a rugged polyester PU material and are towed by tugs or fishing boats.

They can be towed singly or in pairs and are ideally suited for short distance delivery (under 80 miles).

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    The bags have many unique features.

  • As they are flexible they are simple to roll up and transport either by lorry or aeroplane for emergency deployment.

  • They are shallow drafted so can be used where normal tankers cannot go.

  • The do not require harbours for loading or discharge.

  • They can be delivered full and left unattended for automatic discharge on demand.

  • Cheap running costs.

We not only manufacture the water bags but can offer a complete package including consultancy on infrastructure and operation. We also offer full training.

Water transport bags are used to supply potable water to islands, offshore installations and for disaster relief when onshore reservoirs have been damaged or contaminated.

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