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From show domes to illuminated displays for the Middle East to gas and water storage facilities...
we have the skills... we have the innovation...
and we can deliver regardless of size or location

Some of the industies we have worked for


Everything from 50,000 litre Potable Pillow Tanks to Onion Tank Self Supporting Open Tanks and Water Transport Tanks


Comprises an outside cover which is pressurised by constant airflow fans and an inner bag that can move freely inside.


Single skin inflatables we have made for LM Productions to their stratosphere design range in size from 6 - 25 metres.


We have built many types and sizes of tension structures. Our largest being the main stand at Glamorgan Cricket Club.


An emergency free standing flood barrier 1 metre or 1/2 metre high which is simple and fast to install over large areas.


Made from a rugged polyester PU material. Mmanufactured as 200, 700 and 2000 cubic metres towed by tugs or fishing boats.

Special Projects

We have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of flexible products since 1995 using high frequency, hot wedge and hot air welders to fabricate some of the most advanced materials available.

Our product range also includes the manufacture of inflatable buildings, tension structures, geodesic structures, reservoir covers, emergency flood barriers, and bio-gas domes.

Our work has been used throughout the world on a wide variety of major sporting events, including rowing and sailing. We have also worked with numerous multi-national companies on a wide range of events and projects, some of which are shown here.

Banks Specialist Covers
Banks Specialist Covers

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