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Banks Specialist Covers

Innovative solutions for industry

Highly-professional & effective solutions for any industry.
Our products have been used on major projects throughout the world.

Infatable hangers

Easy to use covers for fast dry engine repair, where ever you are in the world and all in a box

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Aircraft Covers

Our temporary shelters are easy and effective solutions when compared to the cost of hanger hires.

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Special Projects

We have covered virtually everything from Gas to water and enclosures. You name it we can cover it

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You've seen our work

We have supplied products for both Summer and Winter Olympic Games as well as Commonwealth events

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Our work has been used throughout the world on a wide variety of major sporting events, including rowing and sailing. We have also worked with numerous multi-national companies on a wide range of events and projects.

  • Inflatables

    We manufacture both single and double skin inflatables from PVC and polyurethane.

  • Tension Structures

    Most of the tension structure we produce are either as joint projects or for a main contractor.

  • Domes

    We produce large inflatable balls and other simple shapes for marketing and television advertisements.

  • Professionals since 1995

    We have been designing and manufacturing a wide range of flexible products since 1995 using high frequency, hot wedge and hot air welders to fabricate some of the most advanced materials available.

  • Best choice

    With our vast experience, we know we are the right choice to manage and manufacture your next project.

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