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Innovative solutions for emergency engine serving and repairs
without the new to hire expensive hanger space

The inflatable shelter is designed to provide an outdoor hanger within minuets. Once installed the shelter provides a dry, warm and safe environment for engineers to operate in. The shelter allows the user to perform multiple tasks from simple maintenance tasks to full engine changes. The fast installation time means an aircraft is ready to be worked on within minuets, its even quicker than maneuvering an aircraft in to a hanger.

When hanger space is at a premium or simply not available the shelter provides the answer. With the ability to be set up any where in the world you have a ready-made hanger even in the most remote of locations.

The shelter is an inflatable structure with a weather-proof cover. This cover is very durable and light.

Banks Specialist Covers

The shelter can be heated or chilled depending on your requirements. The shelter is completely transportable and can be deployed within minuets. Its perfect for remote AOG situations.

Banks Specialist Covers

We manufacture and design all the components in our UK factory. The shelter is computer designed, electronically cut and hand finished to ensure the quality is to the highest possible degree. The fabric is specially manufactured to meet our specific requirements. The fabrics have the required anti-static properties, and provide a weather tight shield around the aircraft and engineers inside.

The shelter is built to with stand the harsh effects of Mother Nature and constant use on open airfields. The shelter is extremely durable and light making ground handling very easy.

Our designs allow the user to operate many tasks in complete comfort.

    • Simple maintenance work,

    • Borescoping

    • Gearbox work

    • Blade inspections

    • Fan blade lubrication

    • Ramp checks

    • Full engine changes can be carried out.

Working in complete comfort adds to accuracy and reduces time, making operation more efficient.
Inflatable hangers can be made for every situation…

    • APU repairs

    • Under carridge work

    • Engine maintenance/changes

    • Painting

    • Fuselage repairs

    • Window replacements

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