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Designed and Manufactured in the UK, to Commercial Aviation Standards.
Currently used by many airlines all over the world.

Banks Specialist Covers

Commercial Aircraft covers

Engine Intake and Exhaust covers – Our world class engine intake and exhaust covers are the best available on todays market. They have all been designed to be easy to fit with minimal ground crew required. Durable weatherproof fabric combined with tough sewing threads provides the ultimate protection.

Pitot, OAT, TAT covers – Our range of pitot covers are fire retardant and water resistant. They all include a ‘Remove Before Flight’ streamer and are completely secure in all weather conditions.

Wheel Covers – We provide durable weatherproof wheel covers to help extend the life of your tyres. These covers keep sand ,UV and all harsh elements away from the wheel assembly.

Engine Envelopes – Covers to enclose the engine during shipping. Protects from water, UV and provides security.

Storage covers, Strapping, Protection and more is available. With our factory based in house in the UK we have the ability to produce anything you require.

Banks Specialist Covers

Engine Transportation covers

Our latest range of shipping covers have been designed to completely enclose the engine, provide the maximum amount of protection, while also being easy to use. These covers have also been designed with AOG in mind. The cover can be easily removed, and put on to the returning engine without having to crane the engine of the stand. This ensures every returning engine is wrapped up and the damaged components aren’t made worse.

We use only the very best materials available and every cover is provided with identification labels, viewing areas, reflective extremities and many more great features.

Storage Covers

We manufacture covers for any off-link engines that are in storage. These storage covers keep FOD, moisture, dust and dirt out of the engine. The covers work with engines on shipping stands or movers. The covers are easy to use and quick to put on. They also have identification labels allowing the users to locate and determine the item enclosed. This prevents any unnecessary disruption to the winterized engine.

Banks Specialist Covers

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